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SIMONE ALEXANDRINO SOUZA is the co-founder of Moving Into Peace and has been a contributor since 2005.  

Simone’s involvement began with her great admiration for Antoinette’s work and as a result she soon experienced the benefits through her practice as a Qigong student. Simone quickly became a passionate supporter in the development of Moving Into Peace. Simone practiced for several years, and with the training and knowledge began teaching Qigong classes of her own in retirement homes. Her classes focused on stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities, increasing vitality and physical flexibility, releasing stress, restoring mental calmness and maintaining inner balance.  


Born and raised in Brazil, Simone is an artist, her diverse background began with earning a degree in Communication at the University of Uberaba, Brazil, followed by a master degree in Spiritual Psychology from  the University of Santa Monica in 2009 year.  Underlying all of Simone's experience is her work as an artist, who creates compositions rooted in the expression of subconscious emotion. Her work integrates many aspects of her consciousness into drawn lines and patters with multiple possibilities. Her wok is meditative, unplanned and organic, a physically realized version of the stream of consciousness.

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ANTOINETTE ROHNER LAURENCE is the founder of Moving Into Peace. She earned her "Jin Shin Do" Acupressure certification in 1993 after completing her studies in Switzerland and California. Her Qigong studies and practice began in 1987 in Shanghai, China. She eventually became a Qigong Teacher after studying with numerous Qigong Masters in the United States. Antoinette maintains a vibrant private Acupressure practice and teaches classes in Qigong since 1999.

Antoinette is the founder of Moving Into Peace Qigong which is a synthesis of various ancient Qigong healing movements  and methods from different Qigong lineages like Zhineng Qigong, Wisdom Healing Qigong, Guolin Qigong Walking, the Five-Element Qigong, and of Western and Eastern stress releasing techniques.

Since 2010 Antoinette is a member of the Integrative Medicine team at the Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center in Burbank, California, and since January 2016 she is employed by Providence. At this medical center Antoinette teaches weekly Qigong classes and gives Acupressure treatments to its cancer patients and community.

COLLEEN PASSARD is a writer, mediator and coach. She has an MA in Humanistic Counseling Psychology and is certified in many areas of conflict resolution, circle processes and restorative justice. Colleen has facilitated empowerment workshops and conflict resolution trainings to a wide variety of audiences and organizations, from CEO’s to prison inmates.  She currently serves on a mediation panel for the Department of Homeland Security.  Colleen’s work focuses on helping her clients actuate new ways of relating and behaving that bring their inner and outer conflicts into harmony and balance—less stress, more “in” joyment and productivity.

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