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Moving meditation


This ancient Qigong Well Being walk, also known as the Guolin walk, is a most healing walking technique.

It is simple and enjoyable yet very effective for people who are experiencing cancer or any other illnesses and are going through medical treatments, and for people who want to maintain good health.

It consists of walking in a pace that is not too slow and not too fast, of a specific arm and hand movement, and of a breathing technique. It includes a sitting meditation time for the energy and oxygen received from the walk to respond to every celllular request and to support healing and repairing processes in the body.

Contact us to find out in which public park location and what day and time we are holding the Well Being Walk.

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At Healing Studio:     $90 / Hr

At Your Home:           $100 / Hr + Travel Time


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1 Hour Class:         

$10.00 - $18.00   (depending on location)  Please, contact us for further information or visit our blog.


The ancient technique of Acupressure is described as holding points along the organ meridians (energy pathways n the body) with threrapeutic finger touch by an Acupressure practitioner to open up the blood and energy circulation inside the body.

JIN SHIN DO means the-way-of-the-compassionate-spirit. The Acupressurist is facilitating an unconditional loving and non-judgemental space for the client to move into a self-loving, calm, and an all-is-well state of mind.

In traditional Acupressure application the client stays clothed and lies on her/his back on a massage table. Comfortable clothing is recommended. The Acupressure Therapist uses her fingertips holding gently but firmly two Acu-points at a time until she feels the rhythm of the freed up flow in the meridian and then moves to the next points. The client experiences a sense of deep relaxation, a release of muscular tensions, and a sense of peace during the session.